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Kirsty hard at work

From feeding to weeding

The Ewart Road Mutual Aid group have become a volunteer group for Ewart Hall and transformed our garden

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Centre closure

Owing to the coronavirus we are sorry to say will be closing for the time being. We will open as soon as the government says …

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South London Stories

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XS_FiLhNQU Here is the film made by R.M. Sánchez-Camus (www.appliedliveart.com) of people in South London telling their stories. It features members of the Ewart Community …

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“South London Stories” Screening

On September 28th we had a screening of the film “South London Stories: Seeing through the eyes of Time”. The film has been made by …

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Celebration of Wellbeing and Mental Health

Join us for food demonstrations, exercise sessions, children’s arts and crafts, bouncy castle, story telling by Adrian Beckingham in his teepee, information and advice, music, …

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Duncombe Hill Development

SAVE DUNCOMBE HILLL GREEN The Council has received a Planning Application from a Developer who wants to build 7 flats on our treasured greenspace between …

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A little about us

Ewart Community Hall is part of the Ewart Road Housing Estate. The Clubhouse was built for the use of the residents of the new Ewart Road Housing Co-operative Ltd and opened in 1982 by Princess Alexandra.


It was used for many years as the estate’s social club but in recent years usage has fallen off and it has been used primarily by faith groups, kiddies’ parties and for Management Committee meetings.In 2015 Lewisham Borough Council (LBC) assessed the site with a view to dismantling the clubhouse and building homes on it.

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